It snowed a few times! I was glad I had been too lazy to take down the Christmas lights because they look so cute in the snow.

A view of the snow from where I work. I love watching everything slowly get covered in white.

This gal finally got a home, at my Mom’s house! Which reminds me, I should do a proper photo shoot of her.

We have been pigging out on lots of veggies. This is the year of healthy!

I dug out my old computer that has been sitting at my mom’s house for years with all my old pictures stuck inside. The monitor had busted and years later I finally got around to finding a new monitor to plug in, and it actually turned on!  But then turned off and won’t turn on again so now I suppose I’ll attempt to remove the hard drive and then… Figure something out… I want those pictures dang it!

And these guys have spent the month snuggling and staying warm!

It was a pretty good start to the new year. I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I had hoped, since I spent the first half of the month trying to get rid of a stupid cold, but hopefully I can make up for that this month.
I am ready to get my birthday month of February started!  I have a feeling it’s going to fly by, which is ok by me because I am not a huge fan of the month of February. I think at this point in the year I am getting bored of winter and so ready to get outside and start my garden!
I am looking forward to each day getting a little longer, and watching as my spring bulbs start poking through the dirt. I am over excited for spring!
I hope you all had a great January!

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  1. After our little flurry of snow, we have seen no more. It's pretty sad but the sun has mostly been shining so it doesn't matter.

    Hmm, I think I'll be having toasted blowholes for dinner tonight after seeing your picture.

  2. I just love it when people leave outdoor Christmas lights up past the start of January. They're a much needed point of colour, light, and fun during the dreary winter months that follow Christmas.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. That was a pretty snow. I think twinkling lights look festive anytime. Sorry that silly old computer is still vexing you. It has been most uncooperative since we brought it home! Anyway, those veggies sure are pretty & look yummy. Are you eating mushrooms now?
    Ps thanks for the cat. Xo ♡ mom

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