January, Recap, Review

This January…

I took these babies out for many walks around town, and added to my collection of film rolls I need to develop!

I Changed my hair drastically

For Stevens birthday we went to a Chinese buffet that served fresh sushi!
I worked on my sweater quite a bit….
But then I learned how to crochet and abandoned my sweater to make granny squares.
We ate at the best hot dog place in town.
I read this book about the discovery of living Coelacanths, written by the guy who identified them. I am completely obsessed with this story! Also, this is the first book I have been able to finish in about seven years.
We always get a couple freak warm days in January, so my bulbs started coming up already! I hope they don’t get too frostbit.

I took advantage of the nice days to let my bonsai sticks get some sun.

January was an okay month. My job involves sitting down all day and sorting things so my upper back, shoulders and arms have been killing me every day. I’ve been there for three months now and I can’t believe my body still hasn’t gotten used to it. I’m beginning to think it never will.. Also since Steven and I ride together to save gas, but our shifts are an hour and a half apart and we live almost half an hour away, means 11 hours of our day is spent getting to and being at work. Needless to say I have been keeping my eyes open for other jobs that wont make me so dang sore and won’t take so much of my time.  All of this stuff really puts a damper on my creative side!

Even though February is my birthday month, it may be my least favorite month out of the whole year. Usually I’m tired of winter by then and just want spring to finally start. Good thing I’ve got my birthday to look forward to and it’s a short month! I would like to see some snow before winter is over though. We’ll see! Hopefully my next monthly recap will be less negative 🙂