February, Recap

This February

February was an okay month. I worked a lot and am still sore every day from this dang repetitive job. But there were still a few good moments from this past month which I highlight here!
I turned 24, and had a nice day in Mount Airy

I continued my granny square obsession and am working on a blanket!
Met some friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant and had all kinds of dip. Something I want to do all the time now!
Got dinner downtown and happened to hear the train, so we jumped in the car and raced to watch it. This cell phone picture serves as a reminder to ALWAYS bring my camera! This is a lesson I just never seem to learn.
We got a big dump of snow this week! I got some good photos that I’ll be posting soon.

I feel relieved that march is here. I’ve always loved march. I love those rainy March days, where the plants have just begun to turn green  and everything looks so lush. I am really looking forward to being outside and getting some sunlight! I think it will be the perfect attitude adjustment.