Celebrated our five year anniversary with all the sushi you can imagine.
Got some film in the mail that I can’t wait to use! I really want to start using film a lot more, but I am afraid of wasting film so I am always hesitant to use it.
Went to the beach and wanted to stay there forever.
Finally got to try Turkish Coffee while at the beach and loved it. So far I have yet to find a place near me that sells it.
Had the first pumpkin beer of the season and I can’t wait to sample all the different varieties I can get my hands on.
Got a total of three gourds from my garden and probably won’t get anymore. (Melon worms are an eviiiilll thing!)
Turned my Japanese Maple into three bonsais! More on this later..
I think I made the most of summer’s last month. For once I am little sad to say goodbye to the warm weather, but I am definitely looking forward to autumn. I am excited to break out my fall outfits, wear gloves and scarves, and I can’t wait to plan plenty of fall activities to make the most out of this glorious season!
Did everybody have a good August?

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  1. Turkish coffee sounds intriguing. Sucks about the melon worms, but the squash you did grow look good! That sushi looks awesome too – hoping to get some this week to celebrate the husband's work bonus, been far too long since I've had some yummy sushi!

  2. congratulations on your anniversary, lots of film and lovely times.
    I'm feeling the same, sad that the summer is over, but excited for the cool weather and fall days ahead!

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