April, Recap, Review

This April

Hi guys! It’s been an interesting month. I quit my job, took some time off to recuperate from these crazy last six months and now I feel like I’m back in action. I’ve got lots of blog post ideas and I’ve finally started making resin stuff again. It’s funny how something can zap all your creativity and motivation. I am glad to be getting it back.

I got all my veggie sprouts in the ground
I got a cold twice, lots of soup with extra pepper to the rescue!
I added two more cameras to my collection
I started making coffee with this french press from Ikea, I love it!
During my first week off work we spent a few days at the beach. Unfortunately it was freezing cold and rainy the whole time! We still managed to have fun though
My flowers are in full bloom!

I am looking forward to May, and I hope everybody has a wonderful month!