Since we recently discovered how cool Pilot Mountain is, we decided it would be neat to go up there to watch the sunset one night. It ended up being the prettiest sunset I have ever seen!

Standing on the main observatory is boring, plus it wasn’t facing the right way to see the sun. So we walked down a path that said “rock climbers only” and it led down to this area right on the edge of the mountain where we had the perfect view of the sunset.

(Hi Mom!)

In the distance you can see the Blue Ridge mountains, and it was really fun to zoom in on them.

I love how each ridge is a different shade.

 You can see mist rising up!

I took a whole bunch of panoramas! (I’m a little obsessed with them lately)

I messed up the horizon but I actually kind of like it!

Steven took this vertical one, I had never thought to do that before!

The main reason I really wanted to get up to pilot mountain was to see the fair. You can see  the mountain from the ferris wheel so I figured you could at least see the ferris wheel from the mountain. I was expecting to be able to see it so well, like it would be this huge bubble of light. But it wasn’t. 

This is all I saw

I searched and searched and finally saw a tiiiny pink light, so I used my 300 mm lens to zoom in.
(Is that what I think it is?!!)

I zoomed into the picture as far as I could without it getting pixelated and sure enough! There’s the ferris wheel!  I was so excited!  I LOVE seeing things from far away.. 

It was an awesome evening!

Funny story:

I was uploading my photos a couple days after this and as they were uploading I realized I didn’t see my mountain photos. I had been deleting older photos the day before so I just knew I had accidentally deleted these. I was SO mad at myself!  Fast forward three hours and I had downloaded about six different un-delete programs in hopes of finding my 250 lost photos. Most of the programs couldn’t find them, but one did!  But it was gonna cost me 40 bucks to get them back because the software wasn’t free. I was about to give up but then I decided to give one of the free programs another shot, and it found them!  I was soooo happy and proud of myself!  But that was short lived because as soon as I placed my memory card back in the camera I realized that I hadn’t deleted them after all… They just got placed in a weird folder and I didn’t see them. Which explains why the programs had such a hard time detecting them, because they were never actually deleted! But on the bright side, at least now I know how to get back photos should I actually accidentally delete them in the future! And on the even brighter side at least I realized that before I decided to spend 40 dollars on them! 

These photos now have a special place in my heart.  A rather annoying place.

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  1. I love the pictures of the mountains – the sunset
    looks so beautiful. Ooh, I love watching the sun go down. 🙂

  2. hahaha “a rather annoying place”. As I was reading that I was imagining how i'd be tearing my hair out- that sounds *maddening*. Thank goodness they weren't actually deleted- THOUGH it sucks that they actually werent because then you wouldn't have to go through all of that, haha. Speaking of which, these photos are gorgeous! How awesome to find such a lovely spot like that to watch the day turn into night 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Amazingly beautiful photographs, the orange and yellow photos look almost unreal! I love Steven's vertical panorama too, I would never of thought of that either!

  4. oh wow. this post is so cool. i just love sunsets and the south. the shades of mountains is totally amazing and awesome. beyond awesomd. i love to see and find things from far away, too, and i love your panoramas.
    so glad that your picture thing worked out. it sounds frustrating, but hey, another lesson learned, i guess.

  5. Oh that sounds like something that would happen to me knowing my luck. That and how I never delete stuff off my card so half way through shooting something it's always “full card” and i'm having to work out just what to delete.

    So glad they were found though, what a glorious sunset and seeing the Ferris wheel from that distance is pretty awesome!

  6. What breathtaking views and photos! That such a romantic thing to do, watch the sunset from that incredible perch. Made me giggle to see your rock climbing flip flops! Sorry you had to go through such a harrowing few hours when you thought you had lost these beautiful memories. Just think about the lesson you learned and know you'll probably never have that happen again.
    Love the fantastic pink ferris wheel closeup! Aren't you clever?!!
    Xo ♥ mom

  7. What pretty photos! So funny, I was there only 4 days earlier also for sunset after we put a bid on a house so we could relocate to the area. I plan to get photos of all 4 seasons. Have you been to Hanging Rock State Park? You can see a waterfall after walking only 15 mins. When it gets warmer we plan to take the long hike to the hanging rock.

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