Smithsonian, Space, Washington DC

The Space Shuttle

When planning our trip to Washington DC, visiting the space shuttle was on the top of the list! We’ve always been big fans of NASA and love anything about outer space, so we were very excited to have the chance to see a space shuttle in person.

The space shuttle Discovery lives at the National Air and Space museum in their hanger location which is just outside of DC. From the center of DC it was was about a 45 minute metro ride, and then a 20 minute bus ride after that, but it was worth it. The Hanger is part of the Smithsonian so it was completely free to visit.

The Discovery space shuttle launched into space a total of 39 times, which was more than any other shuttle in the fleet. Discovery was also the shuttle that carried the Hubble space telescope into orbit. It was pretty amazing to see it in person, knowing how many times it had flown into space. 

No final repairs or cleaning was done on discovery because they wanted to show the full effects that space travel had on him.

The whole space exhibit was really neat. There were satellites hanging from the ceiling like Christmas decorations.

They also had a collection of cameras that had been used in space, which I loved!

I was excited to see that NASA was also a Nikon fan 🙂

Seeing the space shuttle was definitely one of my favorite things about the trip.