Snow, Winter

The Snow Day

We finally got a snow day this year! I don’t know why they always seem to happen so late in the season for us, we always seem to get really big storms at the end of February and beginning of March. It started snowing at around 9 PM, so I raced out to take some pictures. It was a really thick pretty snow accumulated so quickly!

It snowed all night and into the morning. This was around 6 AM when we woke up to see how tough the drive to work would be.
I love how the snow seems to wrap everything up into a soft fluffy blanket. Even though it’s cold, it seems to make everything feel cozy and warm.

I didn’t get to have a proper snow day since I work in a 24/7 medical lab that never closes. Snow days are always terrible because most of third shift calls out and leaves a pile of work too be done. It was exhausting and the whole time I was wishing I was at home in the snow. But on the bright side the lab manager bought pizza for every body! We took some home and ate it for days.

We did take a drive downtown before going into work though, which was a bunch of fun, I’ll be sharing those photos soon!