Smithsonian, Washington DC, Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoo

On our first full day in Washington DC we visited the Smithsonian zoo, which, like all the Smithsonian museums, is completely free. It has been a really long time since I’ve been to a zoo so I was really looking forward to seeing all the animals.
Classic Elephant pose. 
It was a cold morning and the Elephants were patiently waiting to be let outside. 
(Look at that one guy resting his foot!)

This was called a fishing cat, but she didn’t seem too interested in fishing at the time. It reminded me of my mom’s wild tabby cat Zoe.

Then there was this Lemur who looks like he’s seen some things…

I LOVE meerkats! They were so cute I almost cried. I probably would have if I wasn’t distracted by taking pictures.
Coolest squirrel ever. 
I’ve always thought alligators/crocodiles were really cute. (Just look at his smile!)
One of my favorite things was seeing this lion playing with a ball, it was so cute!
I also almost cried about how cute this seal was. 

Other highlights of the zoo trip included a Gorilla birthday party and of course PANDAS. But I thought they needed their own posts, otherwise that would be a lot of pictures..

What are your favorite animals?