I’ve always wanted to visit a junkyard.

Something about them has always seemed mysterious and intriguing. So when my brother in law said he was looking for a part for his car and was going to go to a junkyard, I immediately invited myself along!

 It was a lot more organized than I expected.. But I still had fun.

 I realized that each of these cars has a story. Was it someone’s first car? Someone’s favorite car?  Were they sad to see it go? Happy? 

 One day I want to visit a run down, overgrown junkyard.

I have strange goals.

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  1. ha ha, i don't exactly think those goals are so strange. this is a great post. you're so right about what you said about all those cars. when i see something like this, i remember what my grandpa commented last winter when we drove by an abandoned farmstead; “there's all that's left of some man's dream.”
    and honestly, i don't think there's a better way to describe it than that.

  2. Who knew you could take such interesting photos of old junked cars?
    Or that they would be lined up so precisely while in a junk yard!?
    So where was this one located?

  3. I certainly didn't! When I first saw them all lined up neatly I was disappointed and almost didn't take any! I'm glad I did though! This one is near that old flea market!

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