The other Saturday was a good day filled with springtime activities!

First we went to the farmer’s market and got organic eggs, local honey (I heard it helps with the allergies!) and the BEST pimento cheese ever. No mayonnaise! I’m actually a pretty big mayonnaise fan, but it grosses me out in pimento cheese for some reason.

We happened to go to the farmer’s market on chicken day, which I was excited about. Once a year a whole bunch of people bring all their hens and chickens to sell. We wanted to bring a little hen home so bad! One guy was selling rabbits in pairs. He said “Buy two, end up with 500”  I wanted to bring home a pair of rabbits too. 🙂 Maybe it’s a good thing I have a small yard in the city, who knows how many animals I’d end up with if I had the space!

Next we checked out one of our favorite garden stores and bought some plants. Those petunias are our favorite!

Got a great deal on some dishes at the thrift store. Isn’t that pan cute? Perfect for cooking one sunny side up egg. We made egg sandwiches with pimento cheese, sooo good! And I am excited to bake all kinds of bread in the near future.
We also found some pretty cool books at the thrift store. Jeeves approved.

 I wish every day could be this fun.

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  1. oh i hear you! It's a good thing i don't live out on the farm or else i'd be bringing home all kinds of little ones (and big ones for that matter). I'm serious, living in town is the only thing that keeps me from being mom to, like, all the animals i see.
    glad that you had such a great Saturday. Once in a while we have those really awesome and uplifting days that just work out perfectly.
    Hope this Saturday is just as great 🙂

  2. Spending Saturday morning at the Farmer's mkt & thrifting is definitely my idea of a good time! Throw in some coffee, maybe a nice breakfast and a couple of yard sales — so perfect! I've always dreamed about having chickens for the fresh eggs but maybe getting them from the Farmer's markets is the easiest & best way to go!
    ps Love the Pyrex!!

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