City, Downtown, Gallery Hop

The Gallery Hop

The gallery hop is an event that takes place every first Friday of the month in my city. All the art galleries open their doors to visitors and the streets are filled with people, food, and music. You just never know what you might see.

The event begins in the evening. As the sun goes down, the road gets closed off and  the smell of incense pours out of the shops, while music from bands set on up street corners fills the air.

The shops are brightly lit against the dark of the evening, enticing you to come in and check out their interesting merchandise. The shops are even more crowded than the street, but that’s all part of the fun.

The old buildings in the arts district are decorated with murals, Christmas lights and the occasional statue.

A dive bar greets you at the end of the road. The neon lights against the dark purple sky, beckons thirsty patrons in, and invites them to stay till the early morning hours.

We walk back to our car, leaving the excitement behind. The ruckus is sure to continue for hours. But by the time morning comes around, the streets will once again, be empty.

 Until next month..