Looking through photos of our garden last year, I was surprised to see how much it had grown! The slope in our front yard was all grass and some ivy, and right before we moved in the ivy had gotten so overgrown it was starting to engulf the stairs! So last spring we decided it was time to dig it up and turn it into a garden. Originally I was just going to post pictures from this year, but I am a little obsessed with before and after shots, so you here you go!

Here is what it looks like now

And these two pictures are from last year, I still can’t believe some of those plants were ever that tiny!

The previous owners had a bit of an obsession with ivy.. This was just one of many places it was planted.


We planted a little bit of everything, anything that catches our eye in the garden shop. Some of them work out, some of them don’t. But that’s part of the fun, learning what plants grow where.

I can’t wait to see how everything looks next year!

What are your favorite things to plant?

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  1. Boy the before and after photos sure do show how much the plants have grown. They were so tiny! And now everything is looking swell. I Love walking or driving by and checking out your garden.♥

  2. Oh my goodness, your garden is absolutely lovely! My favorite things to plant are herbs. I'm planning on trying some herbs in mason jars this spring! 🙂

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