During our trip to the mountains last fall, after we checked out the waterfall, we kept walking down the trail to see where it led. Eventually we came across this intriguing path and couldn’t resist checking it out!

The path led to this picturesque clearing, nestled in the valley of the enormous blue ridge mountains.  Far away from anything else

An old forgotten barn stood towards the edge of the clearing, almost completely engulfed in thorn bushes. 

The thorns weren’t going to stop us though, we wanted to see what was inside!

We braved the thorns and made our way towards the side of the building where we saw  some boards had rotted away, making a nice little entrance.

There wasn’t a lot to see, but one side of the barn was completely gone, showing a nice view down the mountainside.
On the oppsite side of the clearing there was a lone chimney. The house it once belonged to must have burnt down.

It was very strange to imagine a house once standing here.

It sure was a pretty area, and we were glad to have stumbled upon it!

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  1. How extraordinary to come across that beautiful barn and then that remarkable old chimney. I want it & that gorgeous mushroom. I love vicariously discovering such nifty things through your blog. What a great adventure!

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