My absolute favorite thing to photograph, and what got me interested in photography in the first place is..

The fair!!

All the bright colors, lights and atmosphere are a feast to my eyes and I just want to capture every bit of it with my camera.  I remember being dazzled by carnival ride photos I saw on flickr years and years ago and I wanted so badly to take the same kind of pictures at my local fair. Sadly all I had was my 1.2 megapixel phone camera and when I uploaded them to flickr they just didn’t compare. I think that was about five or six years ago and I have taken pictures every year since. This year I used my DSLR on manual and I’m pretty excited about how far I’ve come!

Armed with two  cameras and a backpack of lenses, I was ready!

Steven and I rode with my mom and sister and then met up with some friends.

I can’t get enough of this ferris wheel. Every year the cars are painted slightly differently, one year it was just pink and yellow, one year it was all blue (boring!!) I think these colors are my favorite so far.

When my friends and I were younger we would get to the fair as soon as it opened, buy an all you can ride pass and would stay there all day riding rides until the firework show at night, which was about 12 hours! Now we usually just go for a few hours in the afternoon, ride one or two things, EAT, and get out of there before the huge crowds come at night.

Every year we at least go on the ferris wheel. It scares me a little but the view is amazing!

Something strange happened and we ended up with more ride tickets than we expected, so me and my friend Alex rode a few more things, including this ride, which is my favorite!

I went in there once, it was just pictures of weird things. Disappointing! But I don’t know what else I expected for one dollar..

This ferris wheel is scarier than it looks. It goes really fast, sounds like it’s about to fall apart and goes around so many times that you think you’re never going to get off. Alex and I rode it once and nearly peed our pants we were so scared. (But we’re kinda wimps anyway when it comes to rides!)

Although I would ride that creepy ferris wheel a million times before I’d get on this thing. Yikes!

 This is the prettiest ride in my opinion, I even put a picture of it on my etsy shop business card!

I took 661 photos that day.. So stay turned for a couple more posts 😉

Does your town have a local fair every year? And what are your favorite things to do at the fair?

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  1. I love the pictures of the ferris wheel and swings! So colorful and pretty. I love carnivals for how bright and colorful they are… it's simply impossible not to feel cheerful and inspired when you're in that sort of environment!

  2. Oh man that Ferris wheel is beautiful with all the different colours and with how blue the sky is they just pop!Back in the UK near where I grew up there was an annual huge, huge fair, but it only really comes to life at night – so everywhere is filled with neon lights and colour. Pretty fun all the same!

  3. This is amazing, now I want to go to one. The pictures are incredible, you got the best shots ever. Some of those rides look terrifying. I am even scared of the ferris wheel so I'd just stick to the carousel!

  4. So true – all those amazing colours just make you want to get your camera out and snap away!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my last post!

  5. So much color!! I rode that chair ride once and it was SCARY. Never doing that again. I'm also a wimp when it comes to rides. Except roller coasters…. I love roller coasters! I don't know of any fairs near me though 🙁

  6. Wow, what a visual feast! You look armed for the inevitable ride combat. XD
    The fair here isn't nearly as colorful, but is definitely fun! I missed out on it this year because I missed the memo on what month it happened. There's always next time!

  7. such wonderful colors! i totally agree with you, the Ferris wheel with all the pastel colors is great and that swing ride is hands down the prettiest. i just love going to the fair, but did not get the chance to attend this year. i can almost smell the cordogs and hear the weird mash of carnival music, crowds and microphone shouting.
    great work!

  8. Awww! Fairs are GREAT for photos!
    I haven't been to the fair since 2009…and before that it was the 90's LOL!
    I love the fair because I love Cotton Candy, but I hate the traffic to them!

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