Nothing can prepare you for the fried food explosion that hits you in the face as you enter the fair.

I was in fact, so overwhelmed that I didn’t even realize most of this stuff existed until I got home and looked through these photos. Deep fried candy wrapped in bacon?! *Shudder*  That makes my throat want to close up.

We tried the deep fried kool aid a few years ago, they just dump a kool aid packet into funnel cake batter, so it’s really just flavored funnel cake.  But it was good! 

It is so overwhelming to be here in person, that half the time I don’t even know what I’m looking at. Most of our time at the fair is spent wandering around trying to decide what to eat next.

Last year was my first year going to the fair as a vegetarian and I had no idea what I was going to eat. But it turns out they deep fry a bunch of different veggies! Cool!

Steven and I shared this entire elephant ear, which is basically a lump of fried dough. We both agreed we could probably skip getting one next year, it was a little too much!
My mom got some deep fired oreos to share, they were surprisingly really delicious! We also shared some deep fried broccoli and some pierogies. It’s nice to go with a big group of people because you can share a whole bunch of different foods and not feel bloated trying to eat a whole thing by yourself, because the serving sizes are huge…

What are you favorite fair foods?  And do your fairs have as many deep fried things as mine? Or is that just because I live in the south.. I’m curious!!

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  1. I'm glad you explained about the Kool Aid because it was the first sign I noticed and I was sitting here thinking “How do you deep fry a drink???” haha. This is mind blowing, I've never ever seen so many food stalls in one place. We don't have anything like that over here. And I didn't even know you could deep fry so much stuff, in the UK we think banana fritters are really out there!

    Our fairs mostly consist of different grilled meat in buns, and there's always loads of sweets and candy floss and stuff and there might be a crepe stall if you're lucky. It feels completely boring compared to yours!

  2. Those deep fried oreos look good I have to admit. I did love my first funnel cake I had last year when we were back in Kennywood (Pittsburgh) can't say i've found it in Michigan but it's so good! I remember my first July 4th and trying a corn dog, yeah wasn't really liking that, it's a weird thing!

    I know there was a big thing in the UK a couple of years ago about frying everything and anything, especially Mars bars (which are like Milky Ways). That was all over the news.

  3. All I could think of when I saw this post was 'woah'. I am amazed by the kind of food they have a fairs over there! Deep fried candy wrapped bacon and deep fried oreos? Wow! The deep fried vegetables sound pretty good. The fairs here have nothing like that at all. The most we get is a corn dog or a cob of corn on a stick. Everything is so colourful too. Would be amazing to experience something like this!

  4. Yeah that's exactly what we thought when we saw the kool aid and definitely had to give it a try. It's interesting to hear what the fairs are like over there compared to ours, I guess ours fit in with the American stereotype of overdoing it. Haha.

  5. All the vibrant colors everywhere you look and the interesting aromas sure can WoW ya! I think a corn dog and sharing some deep fried goodies was the best plan. Then getting cotton candy & caramel apples to go!
    Nice photos of all the many. many. many food stalls
    xo ♥ mum

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