It’s that magical time of year again, when the fair comes to town..

I love everything about it. The bright colors, the wild food, the crazy atmosphere. 

I just like to wander around, and try to capture the the fun and excitement in my photos. I could spend an entire day and night here, just taking photos! 

My favorite thing to photograph is the big ferris wheel. And guess what…

It has a baby now!! 

I thought it was so cute that there was a tiny ferris wheel which was almost an except replica to the big one.

When I was younger my friends and I would ride all the rides, all day long, but now they make me nauseous. This one always scared me. I thought I was going to go flying off into the air every time I rode it.

Now the only thing I ride is the ferris wheel, but it scares me too. It goes waay faster than you’d think! Or at least it feel fast to me. But I like seeing the view from the top, when I stop screaming long enough to pay attention.

Since I don’t ride rides anymore, the main event is the food! But that’s a whole other post 🙂

(I kind of wanted a cotton candy colored gorilla!)

Is there a fair that comes to your town? What is your favorite part?

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  1. I love going to fairs 😛 this love for it already started at young
    age anyway haha c: I think my favorite part of the fair is the
    relaxed-happy atmosphere, the food and snack stands obvious
    and I guess the big cute stuffed animals that you can win if
    you're lucky! Xx Ice Pandora

  2. That fair is infinitely more colorful than the one that happens here! We took Lilah to the fair this past summer after having missed it the previous one, and she's just the right height to ride any ride now. I ended up going with her on this ride (forgot the name) where the seats go around, go inside and outside, and spin. It was going really fast, and I pretended to have a good time because I didn't want to scare Lilah. On the inside I was like, “This is it! This is what kills me!” Of course we were fine. >w<

  3. Your fair is a lot more colourful than the one that comes to our town and it's open in the day time! Ours doesn't seem to start until around 6pm and then it's getting dark in no time. I love these photos! the simple blue sky makes all the colours pop really nicely.

  4. I get scared on rides now too, it's funny how your fearlessness goes when you get older. It's even worse since I've been a ride operator and know firsthand how they can mess up D: I adore the pastel saccharine colours in these photos, such a picturesque fair. The ones here are usually a bit of any eyesore.

  5. there's something about that high midafternoon sunlight and spotless blue sky that just screams 'fair'. the colors and spindles bring back so many fond memories, and i love love love that you, like me, have never grown tired of seeing the fair!

  6. You got some great shots of the fair on such a beautiful day, too, so all the colors really pop. It really is a fun place and you've captured the excitement in every photo. Can't hardly wait to see your fair food post!

  7. ahhhh,fairs are the best! We have a pretty decent one but wow, it's so tiny compared to your – everything looks so colorful and matching! I don't really go on rides as well, all of the spinning ones make me so sick I turn green almost instantly. 😛 The food though, that's the best! Fair time is always a good excuse to completely pig out. 🙂

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