The dark clouds that seemed to swallow me up last fall have finally disappeared.

I quit the job that was making me unhappy and after a month of being jobless, I am finally back at my old job. Things have turned around here and have gotten a lot better than it was when I left.

 It’s funny how much a job can affect your life. 

 Finally I am back where I belong; the place I have been a part of since the very beginning. Being part of this start up company is a rough ride, but it’s what I am used to. I finally feel like my life is back together. This whole past year I felt, out of control..

 I regret leaving, but maybe I had to leave to realize that I belonged here.

Now I can get back to being my old self.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling happier! We spend so much of our daily lives at our job that it really does get you down when you hate it, I know that feeling all too well. I'm glad you've managed to move past it and get back on track.

  2. I'm glad for you that you're doing better and that you're enjoying our old job more this time around. There's a certain comfort to doing something you know and doing it well.

  3. Yay!! 🙂 We spend so much time at our jobs and see those people more than we see our own families… it's something that a lot of people don't think about. I'm glad you made the change!

  4. Ah I am right here with you. Not so much he job, only there have been a few changes on that front as well, I a, starting to be me agin, th and dark days are over

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