It’s not officially Christmastime until we get the tree! Steven and I have a fake tree, because we don’t think a real tree would stand a chance with our crazy cats, but it’s a tradition to go to this  patch to pick out my Mom’s tree. We hadn’t been here in a couple years, but we decided it was time to start this fun tradition back up again!

I love the atmosphere of the Christmas tree patch. It’s the perfect combination of Christmas mixed with creepiness, which is my favorite. 

All the tree are quietly lined up, waiting to be taken to their new home where they will be wrapped in lights and covered in shiny ornaments,

The smell of freshly brewed coffee from the Krankies bullet trailer, fills the icy cold air and mixes with the sharp scent of the pine trees. 

The dimly lit vintage Christmas lights cast long tree shadows on the ground. 

We run through the rows of trees, trying to stay warm as we search for just the right tree to take home.

Santa Claus can be seen helping anchor the trees to the tops of cars.
This is us trying not to look cold!

If you wander around towards the back, you find what we call the Christmas tree graveyard.  But really it’s just the newly cut trees that they haven’t put out yet.

The tools and netters are eerily lit. 

I love this place.

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  1. ha! a christmas tree graveyard. i can see that! my family has a fake tree, too. mostly because it's cheaper, but there's something wonderfully romantic about the idea of tree lots and the smell of pine needles. LOVE these candid shots 😀

  2. Awww, you two are just the cutest, you even look like you're matching for Christmas tree shopping! and wow, what beautiful trees – we just cut down ours and it's a little sad looking, sort of like the Charlie Brown Tree. I love the picture of the Santa helping load the tree onto the car, that's really cute!

  3. You got some great shots of our old fun tree hunting tradition, such good memories! I'm glad you persuaded me to go back there again and pick out a small tree together.
    xo ♥ mom

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