You never know what you might find, when you turn down less traveled roads.

We stumbled upon this row of old forgotten houses one evening.

The construction machine caught our eye, and we couldn’t resist a closer look. These houses may not be here in another week.

It’s strange to think about the first people to live in each house. And how nice it must have once looked.

I wonder how many meals were once cooked here.

I wonder what happened to all these little homes.

Very eerie. I wonder what the fate of these little houses will be.

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  1. This just reminded me that I have a post to write about abandoned stuff I completely forgot about!
    Also, where is your bike from? It's so cute! I've been thinking about getting one, but I can't believe how expensive bikes are!

  2. When I lived in the US I also used to find abandoned houses and peek into them – but I never saw a place where there were a whole lot of them like here in your pictures. I would be very curious too about what happend to these houses, why everyone moved out, why no one new moved in…
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  3. i LOVEEEE this!! especially the old wall paper and the first picture with your bikes out front. The evening light is perfect in these as well. Such a joy to look thru these shots!

  4. Oh wow, those are really intriguing. I've long noticed that you guys tend to have far more abandoned houses in the America than we do up here in Canada. Sure, there are some, but definitely fewer – so much so, actually, that to date, I've never come across any in person (save for a couple of old, super small wooden cabins). Thank you for the fascinating look through these old abodes. If only their walls could talk, eh!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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