In the middle of downtown, there is this seemingly abandoned automotive shop.

A peek through the barbed wire covered windows, shows shelves of sun bleached boxes of products covered in dust. Like one day everybody decided just to leave and never come back.

There’s a forgotten car hanging out next to the building. It’s almost like everybody just walked away from this place one day.

The model of this car is a ninety eight, and strangely enough, the license plate tags were last renewed in ninety eight! Spooky!

There was also a mysterious file left on the drivers seat..

We climbed up those stairs and peeked into the garage. Add it was filled with old cars!
Around the back of the place, there was a small office that looked like it could still be in use.. And a quick google search shows that this company is up and running in other locations, but I couldn’t find any info about this particular spot. It’s very mysterious!

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  1. Wow that's so weird, especially with a car just sitting there like that but even more so with that random envelope on the seat! It really is like you say someone just went away for the day and never returned!

  2. I just love this. It looks like it's out of Mayberry but like someone just walked away a minute ago. Like traveling back in time! Oh this is cool!!!

  3. How strange & interesting! I didn't know it was there. Where is it? It is baffling how the place is seemingly just abandoned. Makes me think of a Dickensian legal battle!

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