The Staten Island Ferry is a free ride between Manhattan and Staten Island in New York City, and has some great city views, so we couldn’t pass it up!


This was my first real glimpse at Manhattan. It’s hard to tell just how tall the buildings are when you’re standing right next to them, but it was pretty incredible to see them from afar!


It was a dark and cold winter’s day. About 30 degrees without the windchill, so who knows how cold it really was out on the water. But my camera and I braved the cold and stood out on the top deck to scope out the best views.


The ferry takes about 20 minutes each way, and has great views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and Brooklyn. And it’s completely free!  It has space inside and out, so it’s great any time of the year.  I definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in NYC.

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  1. Ah this looks like fun! Love those views of the skyline with all of the landmarks too. I bet this is really nice to go on during the summer too. I love ferry rides, and agree with Imogen above, they’re a great way to see a city/area a little differently. Lovely photos! – Tasha

  2. These are incredible photos! I love how soft the water looks and the duskiness of it all. And those red metal shots are fabulous.

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