Last February we had a pretty good snowfall. It started in the evening and we woke to a beautiful white fluffy wonderland. Sadly we both had to work that day since at the time we were working in a 24/7 medical testing lab that never closed. But before we went in, we drove downtown and I walked around taking some photos. All the years I’ve lived here I have never ventured downtown when it snowed. 

It was still lightly snowing as we walked around early that morning. I loved every second.

It was the perfect snowfall. With giant flakes that stick to every tree branch.

After our downtown walk, we ate some yummy biscuits before going into work. It was a disaster at work because so many people from third shift couldn’t make it in and thousands of samples were piled up.. But they ended up buying a whole bunch of pizzas for everybody so it was worth all the hard work!  And then Steven and I took some home and ate the most delicious white pizza every day for three days straight. We felt like kings.

I had so much fun wandering the city in the snow. I hope we get another snow storm really soon!

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  1. Beautiful! Those trees!!! Looks like you caught the city before it got gross…. I love snowfalls in the city, but once cars start driving around and everything gets slushy, it goes from pretty to gross real fast!

    We finally got some snow on Monday, but barely…. it didn't stick. I want one good snowfall before spring comes! 🙁

  2. These are beautiful (I think I said that about your last set of photos too… but it's still true). I think these are my favourite of yours! I LOVE snow! I was a little disappointed that we didn't see more in NY, but we did have some to enjoy at Niagara Falls! I'm still holding out hope for some this year, but I'm probably wishing too hard.

  3. Love all the photos, you got some really nice ones. Most of all I love that you got to go do that. It sounds extraordinary! There's something so magical about snow. There's that interesting way sound gets muffled & everything looks frosted & bright. I wonder if we'll get some snow this winter?
    Pizza & snow are definitely on my list of favz!

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