They had been predicting Β it for over a week, and it actually happened. A big snow storm!


I love snow so much, but since I live in North Carolina, I don’t really get too see it as often as I would like. Luckily it does snow here a few times each winter. Sometimes we only see a few inches, other times we get nearly a foot, which was the case here!


All these photos were taken in my Mom’s yard. I love how magical and different the snow makes everything look. I love wandering along usual streets, that seem to look unfamiliar in the snow. I wish I lived in a colder climate. I was born in Detroit Michigan, so I feel likeΒ I am meant to be living in the north. But I least I am not so far deep in the south that I never see snow, that would be a sad life for me.

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  1. I love these!!! The snow makes everything look so magical! We haven’t had a good snow up here yet, surprisingly πŸ™ Seems like you guys got way more than we did!

    1. I was so surprised it actually snowed that much! Usually they make a huge deal about it and we get like, two inches. This time we got about 8 or 10! But then it was almost 70 degrees two days later so it’s all gone now πŸ™

  2. Oh look at all that snow! I love it!! I wish we got amounts like that here, but we are lucky to get 4 inches…

    I am missing the snow already! I need more in my life!

  3. So many incredible photos of the gorgeous snow. Thanks for taking so many in my garden. Love the way the glistening white blanket makes everything look icy cool.
    And all the details you can capture with your nifty camera rivals looking at something in person. Somehow you make it look even more interesting ~ well done!

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