I really didn’t expect it to snow again, and especially not this much! I didn’t measure it, but we probably got around 10-12 inches in total. Here in NC it usually doesn’t snow enough to cover the blades of grass, but about every 10 years or so we’ll get hit with a big snowstorm.

 It started snowing last Wednesday afternoon while I was at work, and about 45 minutes later my boss told me I better get the heck home! I’m glad he did because a drive that normally takes 5 minutes took me 30, I couldn’t believe the roads got covered that quickly. 

 It snowed all day Thursday too, and luckily we were able to stay home from work, which was nice. I finally got around to unpacking the last few boxes we had sitting around since we moved in. Which was a year and a half ago by the way. 😉 I planned on going to work on Friday because it was sunny and warm, but my car wouldn’t budge, and in fact, I ended up having to dig it out of an ice block Monday morning! It’s been in the 60’s the past few days and there still quite a bit of snow hanging around. Crazy!
And of course, I took plenty of pictures!

This was about two hours after it started. Goodbye road!

My mom’s cat Sookie ran outside to join us, and immediately regretted that decision!

The snowflakes were huge!

And of course, no snow day is complete without building a snowman! (Even if I did pull a muscle in my back.. Snow is heavy!)

I’m glad we got a really good snow this year. I am super ready for spring and gardening, but looking at these pictures makes me miss it already.

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  1. Wow! That looks like great fun!!! Our 10 in of snow melted last week just a few days after it came (in true Kansas fashion, i hear our warmer than normal days are gone and we'll get more overnight though)
    I am just in love with these photos. You've captured the quiet and serene yet joyfulness of your snow. I love that old house and cute kitty! Every single picture is a feast for the eyes. I know many don't agree with me, (and to be honest i'm about ready for light dresses and sunshine and warm breezes myself) but i'm not ready for winter to be over.
    That being said, i'm sure your plants will be happy with the fresh, new ground once the snow melts and they can soak it all up.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

  2. Wow, incredible! I absolutely love hearing what it is like to see and be in snow and how it affects daily life in different ways. I've wanted to see it for so long that I even sometimes dream about it. Someday soon I will pack my bags and do so! Your look so pretty and that poor kitty! And how brilliant that you got to build a snowman. I never really thought about how snow would be so heavy.

  3. Thank you so much!! I like winter too, but once February hits I am so ready for spring. I think my plants did enjoy the never ending water, haha. Hope you get to enjoy your snow a little more before springtime comes around 🙂

  4. You should definitely go and find some snow sometime! I love it so much. It's such a wonderful and unique thing. It does get a bit irritating though when you have to get out and drive in it. Of course here in the south people aren't used to dealing with it so everyone goes kind of nuts and the cities often don't have the proper equipment for clearing it off the roads! So needless to say, every snowstorm is an adventure!

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post. I thought i would let you know about some of my pictures and how i make them look vintage. I just have a small little Cannon point and shoot camera that i use, but i rely heavily on photo editors. When i can't take a lot of photos outside, i crop out my messy desk and other things, and then ajust the brightness, color and contrast (and sometimes even use vintage filters). I used to use pic monkey .com but have been using Pixlr Touch Up (free app i got on my computer through chrome store).
    Like i said, my camera isn't the best, but it works and then i tweak the pictures to get the right lighting a mood i want

  6. Great snowy photos! My favorite is the one of you. But the one of Sookie is pretty cute, too. That was quite a storm!!! It was exciting and magical that it was really happening and so Lovely to sit by the window and watch the pretty snow fall for 2 days. I'm glad we got a good amount of snow this year but now that it is all gone and the temps are in the 60's it feels like all that pretty snow was just a dream.

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