I’ve always been a city child. The landscape of the countryside is pretty, but the wide open spaces, the lack of humans, and the absence of buildings, all makes me feel unsettled after a while. I had never given New York City much thought until recently, and when I visited, it seemed obvious that I would like it there.The city I live in only has a few skyscrapers, but I have always loved being downtown, nestled in between the tall buildings. So I felt quite at home, wandering the New York City streets, looking up, and admiring all the skyscrapers that put the ones in my city to shame.




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  1. I think my RSS feed broke as I didn’t think you’d updated in months! Oh well, lots to read and catch up on! ♥ I’ve never been to New York, I wonder what the skyscrapers there compare to the ones in London, I imagine they’re a lot taller. I know what you mean about the feeling of the city, I’m much the same.

  2. So many amazing, interesting photos. I can imagine myself right there with you, looking at all the architectural details, marveling at everything. So many fantastic things to see, photograph & experience! Love how those trees are perfect wrapped in white lights.

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