I think this September has been the quickest month I have ever lived through. It just flew by! I only ended up working 12 hours at my job this month so that left plenty of time for activities, it was a pretty fun month.

It’s pumpkin season!  We bought our pumpkin a few days ago along with this pretty plant.
And of course I have been burning plenty of pumpkin candles.

And sampling lots of different pumpkin beers.
I was able to make a whole bunch of resin pieces, including these magnets which you can find in my shop.
We bought a vegetable spiralizer and have been making veggie noodles like crazy. I definitely recommend it!

We had my mom and my sister over for a home cooked meal.

We served zucchini noodle alfredo with shrimp, it was so good!

I went on a job interview and just might have a new job pretty soon, which would be major!
My luffa fruits finally starting flowering instead of turning yellow and falling off like they’ve been doing all summer.
I’m in to making smoothies now…

I’ve made a liiittle bit of progress on my blanket and ended up starting two new projects because I have a short attention span.
 And I enjoyed some pumpkin bread and a pumpkin spice latte at my favorite local coffee shop.

September was a really good month, I’m just sad it went by so fast. 

One other thing I forgot to mention is that I got an xray for the first time and I am really excited about it because I’m weird like that. When I was little I wanted to get an xray so bad because I thought it seemed like the coolest thing ever. And it was!I loved seeing my bones. Haha.. I got it because my shoulder has been bugging me for months and it wont go away so I finally went to the doctor and got an xray taken, it looked normal so hopefully the medicine they gave me will help. 

Hope everyone else had a great September too!  I am excited for October, that is when fall really starts around here, plus the fair comes to town and of course, Halloween!! Stay tuned!

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  1. I love how pumpkin-themed your month has been! To be honest, I'm a little jealous, and I've had a rude awakening by the lack of pumpkin-spice-everything across the pond here. It IS knitting season, though! I can't wait for my sewing and knitting supplies to arrive so that I can keep myself toasty in the colder months ahead 🙂

    <3 dani

  2. September HAS flown by, which is fine by be because October is one of my favorite months 🙂 It's not exactly pumpkin flavored but have you tried the Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer? It's delicious!

  3. Oh i'm with you about being distracted when it comes to crafting. I can't actually remember how many I have on the go at the moment, it's kinda bad. I started another crochet blanket – which I probably should get back onto seeing, well you know, it's getting colder but no, it's still sitting in my bag with all the wool. Eventually, eventually!

  4. Yes, wasn't September just so quick!? I wish I could smell those autumn candles, they sound amazing! And I've had my eye on the vegie spiralizer for months now, but have never been sure whether to buy it or not. Would you recommend it?

  5. October is one of my favorite months too, I just hope it doesn't go by quite as fast! I haven't had a chance to try the samuel adams yet but it is on my shopping list!

  6. Oh my goodness, i feel the exact same way. September was so fun with less time at work but went by so terribly quickly. I love your monthly recaps, its a fun peek into your life. Love all the pumpkin!

  7. It really did just fly by but it was a good fun filled month. The veggie spiralizer is sensational and I enjoyed our dinner together immensely, thank you for the invite.
    Love the pink & purple smoothies and all the beautiful photos. Btw, it's good to have a bunch of different craft projects to work on so when your in the mood to be crafty you can work on the project that best suits your mood!
    Hope your arm/shoulder feels better and heals right up, sweetie.
    xo ♥ mum

  8. September went by SO fast. I don't know why it felt that way, but I'm kind of excited to get through October and into the holidays!
    I hope your shoulder pain goes away, and that your interview went well! I love your interview outfit!

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