Self Journal

Self Journal- Sour

I’ve been rather absent on blogger lately. 

I document my outfit every now and then, and of course I never miss a cat post, but I have been feeling uninspired to do much else. My new job has been bringing me down, plus the long dark winter days did nothing to help my attitude. I have tried many times to write a post about how I feel, but it ends up being a negative rant and I just end up deleting it before it publishes. That place makes me sour and it’s hard to snap out of it.

This week though, has been better. We took a little mid week trip that refreshed my mind a bit. And the days are getting longer and the flowers have started blooming.

Maybe a little bit of my inspiration is coming back. 
Steven and I leave each other little drawing at work. I put mine on my test tube racks to add some cheer to my  cruddy days!