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Self Journal: Optimism

(I had a sudden burst of creativity yesterday. I had words in my head that I had to write down that second. I used my phone notepad. Then I decided to post it here… Not sure of this will become a theme or not, but I always liked the idea of a blog being more of a journal. Anyway..)

Monday, February 2nd 2015

It didn’t get dark until almost six today. I felt a sudden rush of optimism as I looked out the kitchen window, seeing light instead of the usual darkness that greets me when I get home from work. 

The smell of roasted cauliflower and lemon pepper tilapia filled the air, some seeds I had ordered last week sat on the counter top next to me, and for just a second it felt like summer. 

 I finally felt the optimism I had been waiting for all weekend that never came. I thought for sure that I would have to wait another week before there was any chance at feeling optimistic again. Mondays are never good days and the soreness in my arms and back didn’t go away over the weekend like I had hoped. But somehow they didn’t scream in protest every time I moved today, maybe I am finally on the mend. Today was a better Monday than I had anticipated.