NASA, and anything space related, especially vintage, is something we both really like. So a weekend trip to Florida to visit the space center at Cape Canaveral seemed like a good idea for our fifth anniversary. Neither of us had ever been before. It was the end of September, an escape to someplace tropical and warm before the cold winter months began. 

My grandma told me she lived nearby for a few years before moving back to Michigan and would often see the rocket launches from her house.  My grandpa was a NASA engineer.  I wish he was still around so I could hear all his stories that I never got to hear.

Rockets from various eras of the space program sit in the Rocket Garden, towering over the space center museums. It’s crazy to see these giant things, and realize the amount of fuel needed to leave our planet.

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  1. What a hugely interesting place to visit! I am aamazed by the size. I would love to stand beside them like you did to really get an idea of scale! It’s scary considerin g the amount of fuel used though!

  2. Cool photos! Looking at those rockets in person would feel like a surreal experience. My husband’s grandfather also was a NASA engineer. It’s possible our two grandpa’s crossed paths at one point in their line of work.

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