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These are some lovely Walnut Mystery Snails (Pomacea bidgesii) that hatched in my snail nursery. Their parents and grand parents were either Walnut, Yellow or Jade, so these babies have interesting genetics and can produce a variety of colors if bred.

These snails have been lovingly raised in my aquariums and fed a healthy diet of veggies, plants, algae wafers, shrimp wafers and snello (snail jello). Their diet as well as their water contains plenty of calcium so their shells grow nice and strong.


Please feed the snails a variety of food similar to what I have listed above. They do eat the algae in your tank, but that will not be enough to keep them adequately fed. They will not eat your plants unless they are starving, but they will eat any decaying plant parts. They are happiest with a pH above 7.2, anything acidic (under 7.0) may start to break down their shells. Mystery snails are non aggressive peaceful snails that are fun to watch and will help your tank stay clean!


Please choose the add on “Include a Care Guide!” if you would like to receive a tri-fold in depth guide on Mystery Snail care with custom artwork. This is done after you add the item to your cart. OR receive one free if you buy 5 or more snails.


These snails range in size from 0.25 – 1 inches. The size(s) sent to you will be random unless you specify.
The snails may continue to grow up to as large as 2 – 2.5 inches.


The Mystery Snails will be shipped priority mail with a 1-4 day arrival time. They are carefully wrapped individually in damp paper towels and then gently tucked into an Eco friendly bio-degradable container, which is placed inside the shipping box with plenty of padding. In the winter I will include a heat pack, in the summer I package them with heat resistant insulation.

**ECO Friendly

Little to no plastic is included with my shipping and the materials are re-usable or bio-degradable.


If for some reason the snails are dead on arrival, send me a message with a photo within two hours and I will issue either a partial or full refund depending on how many were DOA.

If the snails die within seven days of receipt, please send a picture of your water parameters and I can issue a refund.

The snails may rest in their shells for a few days after arriving. Unless they stink they are not dead!

Please send me a message if you have any questions or concerns!

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  1. Kenya (store manager)

    The snails I received are absolutely gorgeous and in wonderful condition! Not even an hour after I placed them in the tank, they were exploring their new home. I also loved the idea of biodegradable and reusable packing. As well as the handwritten card which gives the delivery a personal touch.

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