Malaysian Trumpet Snails- B GRADE SHELLS

Freshwater aquatic snails

10 snails for $1.00

These snails have “B grade” shells, which means there are some chips and the very tip of the shell may be broken off.  However, the snails are still in perfectly good health!

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You get 10 snails for $1.00


These are some lovely Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) that have been happily living and breeding in my aquariums. Their shells resemble a sugar cone and are light brown in color, with some having green or red hues or spots.

The MTS like to burrow into the substrate and eat whatever is down there. By doing this, they slowly churn up the substrate which keeps it clean and aerated. They are definitely a great addition to an aquarium clean up crew, as most snails just eat whatever is on the surface. They spend the days somewhat hidden in the substrate, but as it gets dark, they slowly creep up and will clean the sides of the tank, and then sneak back down as the sun comes up.

These snails can multiply pretty quickly when in an ideal environment.


Malaysian Trumpet Snails pretty much take care of themselves as long as they’re in an established aquarium with plenty of food scraps for them to devour. Snello (snail jello) is a great food for any kind of snail, but is not required to keep these guys happy.

They prefer aquariums with a pH between 6.5 and 8. Above 7 is ideal because acidic water can degrade the shells of snails.
The perfect temperature is between 70 and 80 F, although they can tolerate temperatures outside of this range.


MTS start out as teeny tiny little things and will reach a maximum size of around 1 inch.

Right now I only have small sizes and a few mediums for sale. The sizes sent to you will be random unless you specify.


The snails will be shipped priority mail with a 1-3 day arrival time. They are carefully wrapped in damp paper towels and then gently tucked into an Eco friendly bio-degradable container, which is placed inside the shipping box with plenty of padding. I won’t ship below freezing temperatures.

**ECO Friendly

Little to no plastic is included with my shipping and the materials are re-usable or bio-degradable.


With every shipment I will include a few extra snails in case some don’t make it.

If for some reason the snails are dead on arrival, send me a message with a photo within two hours and I will issue either a partial or full refund depending on how many were DOA.

The snails may rest in their shells for a few days after arriving. Unless they stink they are not dead!

Please send me a message if you have any questions or concerns!

2 reviews for Malaysian Trumpet Snails- B GRADE SHELLS

  1. Abigail Moody (verified owner)

    These guys are so Awesome!! They arrived earlier today and I thought they would just burrow in to the sand, but they didn’t they have been crawling around everywhere. It’s super cool to see them explore.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The snails showed up in better condition than I anticipated and I got a few extra snails which made up for one DOA.

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