Duck Weed (Lemna minor)

A tiny floating plant that is very easy to grow.


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Duck weed is a very easy to grow floating plant for aquariums and ponds.


$1.50- You will receive a small portion approximately the size in the photo with the white background. It will grow very fast!


Duck Weed requires very minimal care. It will thrive in most water conditions and temperatures above freezing.
It is a very small plant, but it grows quickly and can cover the surface of your water within a few weeks.
The benefits of having duckweed in an aquarium is that it takes up excess nutrients from the water which helps control algae growth. It also can be a little snack for mystery snails in between meals.

Duck weed also looks nice mixed in with other floating plants such as water lettuce. (See the last photo)


The plants will be shipped priority mail with a 1-3 day arrival time. I won’t ship below freezing temperatures.


If the plants arrive dead, send me a message with a picture of the plant within 24 hrs and I will issue a refund.

Please send me a message if you have any questions or concerns!


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