On our first day there the temperature was a lovely 10 degrees!  So we decided it was a good day to check out the museums.

We were standing in an awesome gemstone room surrounded by mirrors!  But my cell phone camera could not pick up the awesomeness, sadly.

I thought this huge wall of pinned insects was so neat

 After the museum it had warmed up to 20 degrees, so we ate lunch at a cute Asian restaurant and walked to a neat used book store.

Okay so I knew Pittsburgh was a big city, I knew it had more bridges than Venice (according to Wikipedia!) but it was still surprising to see it all in person, even though I had spent an inordinate of time exploring the city on google maps 😉 I had no idea there were so many giant hills in that city! The thing that took me off guard the most was that there were roads on top of roads! It’s like the city had layers, and it was very hard to tell from the 2D map what road you were on. Needless to say, many wrong turns were taken on the trip!

 I do love seeing all the cool winding interstate bridges though, intertwining with each other and wrapping around the buildings. I wish I could have taken more pictures of them while we were there. Wow who says that?!
 We drove around and found this old forgotten walkway at the top of a very tall hill that had a pretty good view of the city.

 I don’t think I’ve ever seen skyscrapers this tall before. My city has a couple tall buildings, but Pittsburgh makes them look quaint.

I think this photo is the very definition of a happy accident. My camera didn’t know what to focus on and I love how it turned out!

We ended the day by vegging out in our hotel room watching TV, and then went out for a late night pizza! 

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  1. Ha! A Lovely 10 degrees! Sarah, you are a hoot!! And your photos look like they could be in a magazine, especially the skyscraper & happy accident ones. I definitely want to visit this cool, layered city with so many bridges. ANd in the last bridge photo, I LOve the detail of the Lamp post. {I have a thing about lamp posts}

  2. I was just in Pittsburgh two days ago! My bf played a show at the Tavern in the Wall. I wish we'd gotten to go to some museums, too. Those photos are amazing!

  3. I am loving everything you captured about this trip! Pittsburgh seems like a neat place, now! (Not that it wasn't before!) Also, that fussy photo did turn out really cool! 😀

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