This was Friday, January 22, the day of the big snowstorm. I woke up early and thought it seemed like a fun day to do a photo an hour.

7:00 AM

Drinking coffee, watching the snow fall. We woke up to big pretty flakes falling, but then it just turned into tiny balls of ice. Not so pretty to watch.

8:00 AM

Eating oatmeal and working on blog posts. Keeping an eye on the snow.

9:00 AM

My plants usually start hating life this time of year, with the lack of sunlight. So I trimmed off the dead leaves while Cloud just tried to eat the whole darn plant.

10:00 AM

Vacuuming!  I love this vacuum. It’s cordless and feels so freeing.

11:00 AM

Checking on the snow progress. Still tiny ice balls falling, but there was almost three inches of it!

12:00 PM

Hanging out with these couch potatoes while I did some more blogging.

1:00 PM

Banana bread break!

2:00 PM

Checking out my seedlings. My LED Christmas lights seem to work ok as grow lights, but I think I need a few more strands to really make a difference. 

3:00 PM

Gearing up for a snow walk. The temperature stayed in the 20s the whole day so I had to bundle up.

Still 3:00 PM

The snow walk was short lived. The wind was brutal.

4:00 PM

It’s  a new snow day tradition to make spicy bean chili! This time I made my own spices and it turned out pretty well.

5-6:00 PM

My mom and sister walked down to partake in my spicy bean chili. They brought beers and brownies and it was a good time.
(The squirt bottle serves as a cat warning)

7:00 PM

Keeping warm in front of the fire!

 Luckily I don’t usually work on Fridays so I got to stay home and enjoy a nice snow day.

What do you like to do on Snow days?

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  1. Fun, 'Day in the Life of' peek into how you spend your day, Sarah. Seems relaxing and perfect. I had forgotten some of the details of this day, like the odd ice ball snow and your beautiful chili. Nice photos!

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