I decided to do another photo an hour on the day we drove to the beach. Not really sure why I choose to do photo and hours on road trip days, maybe because these photos don’t really seem to fit into a post of their own, but I still want to share them.. Anyway!

7:00 AM
 On the road, driving into the sunrise!

8:00 AM
 A quick stop at W House for some breakfast. It’s becoming a fun tradition to stop for breakfast at a Waffle House on a road trip, in a town we’ve never been to.

9:00 AM
 Bored in the car, and seeing this truck made me remember how good English Muffins are and gave me a serious craving. A craving that I could not satisfy, so I took a picture instead. Steven said “What are you doing?? Don’t take a picture of that truck!! o_0” 

10:00 AM
Stopped at a Sheetz for fuel.  I was a little too excited about seeing this screme egg..

11:00 AM
 The second half of the journey to the beach take us through lots and lots of farmland. 

12:00 PM
 BEACH!  By the time we get to the big bridge I am about to fly out of my seat from excitement. I think I may have screamed when I first sighted the water. Probably a good thing I wasn’t the driver.

1:00 PM
Since our check in wasn’t until 3, we drove straight to the beach access and ran to the ocean. It was a really fun thing to just drive straight to the beach, not stopping at our hotel first.

2:00 PM
Picked up a few groceries and checked out a couple shops, including this bookstore that sold all kinds of Outer Banks history books that I wanted to buy.

3:00 PM
Checked in to our Sand Dollar motel! The first time we stayed here we could barely afford the cheapest tiny cramped room with a tiny bed. This time we finally moved to the top, and stayed in the king suite, which included a little kitchen, a couch and a table! We felt like kings.

4:00 PM
Resting on the bed and watching HGTV. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have cable at home. That stuff is addictive.

5:00 PM Consisted of more HGTV and eating cereal.

6:00 PM
Back to the beach for an evening walk

7:00 and 8:00 PM

Still walking on the beach and then heading back to our room for more HGTV!

We had such a fun trip and I can’t wait to share all my photos!

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  1. Really beautiful post ! I love the beach too:)
    I would love to know your opinion on my new post on consumerism… I am thinking about making some kind of blogger group with a own button saying something like « conscious blogger ». What do you think about this? Would you like to be part of it?
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  2. Omg this is awesome and totally familiar. I love to stop for breakfast in new towns, take pictures of random trucks and watch tv with cereal and junk food. I could feel the excitement upon arriving at he beach, that sunset is perfection.

  3. Oo I love the idea of a photo an hour while driving, I might have to try doing that myself the next time we head somewhere. I dread to think how far we were away from the sea, I feel so landlocked in Michigan, it's so weird when you basically grow up on an island, a big island, but an island all the same. We don't have cable either, so we always end up watching loads of random TV shows while we're away too.

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