I have attempted a photo an hour post a couple times now, but always wind up forgetting about it halfway through the day. This one started out unintentional because I always take a bunch of photos during roadtrips, but then I decided to try and keep it up the whole day.

 We took a little road trip to Clemson SC the other week to see the organist, Cameron Carpenter play during his tour around the world. We found out about this guy about a year ago after we saw his crazy videos online, then we recognized our city in one of the videos and realized he lived in Winston-Salem for a few years, in fact just a few blocks from us! Then we became a little obsessed and knew we couldn’t pass up such a good opportunity to see him in person!

8:00 AM
On the road!

9:00 AM
Stopped for breakfast at waffle house. I always get the egg and cheese biscuit and this time we  splurged on a waffle!

 10:00 AM
We hadn’t planned on going to Ikea.. But as we neared Charlotte we just couldn’t help ourselves from stopping in.

11:00 AM
 Digging into the the chocolate we impulsively bought at Ikea and a starbucks energy boost

12:00 PM
Driving through downtown Charlotte. 
 Check out that rainbow lens flare!

 1:00 PM 
Stocking up on snacks at a gas station is always one of my favorite parts of a trip. But why I decided that doritos and  zebra cake would be a sufficient lunch is beyond me. Later in the day I was feeling pretty gross.

2:00 PM
The SC peach!  A giant peach sits along the interstate in South Carolina, keeping watch over the vast Peach orchards. I couldn’t figure out why it had suddenly turned yellow, and then I realized they were priming it for a shiny new paint job.

 3:00 PM
Checking into our microtel

Forgot 4PM. It involved watching TV in the hotel room and regretting my junkfood lunch.

Checking out the SC botanical gardens. They have a pond with GIANT koi fish.

6:00 PM
Still wandering around the gardens

7-8 PM
Watching the show!

 9-10 PM
Looking for a place to grab some late night food. Found this little pizza joint, and it was kinda awkward because we were the only ones in there..

 And that was our fun and busy day! It was nice to have a few days off of work and do something fun and different.

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  1. stocking up at truck stops and gas stations and junk food throughout the day is actually quite wonderful. and this looks to be a great little adventure!

  2. Road trips are so fun! I'm thinking I need to plan a few, especially ones that go past the peach! Or involve visiting a garden or maybe the beach. Glad you had such a fun time and took lots of photos to share. So how was the waffle?

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