One day after lunch at Steven’s parents house, I decided to take a walk and was quickly joined by this guy. Their resident cat named Panther.

He followed me every step of the way, and was even a tour guide at times. He loved showing off his land.

I love Panther.

 Even though he is the only cat I have ever been afraid of. He is really friendly, but his attitude can change in a second and he will attack with the ferocity of an actual panther! 

One time Steven and I thought he would make a great indoor cat. (Bad idea, Panthers hate being cooped up) We took him inside and after about an hour he had gone completely insane and started tearing the house up. Unfortunately we couldn’t pick him up to get him out of there without getting torn up by him as well! Finally with the door left open he got the heck out.

Another time we were playing with him outside, but he got so amped up he decided our legs were more fun to attack than a silly cat toy so he began to chase us! We ran away so fast and I couldn’t believe how scared I was of a cute cat. Later that day he bolted up a tree like a maniac and tried to jump on my head. 

But he really is a sweet guy when he’s not going nuts, and make a great walk companion!

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  1. What a cutie!!!! Sounds like he likes being an outdoor cat though 😉
    One a different note, your photos have been amazing lately! So crisp.

  2. That is one seriously regal looking cat. You can instantly sense his confidence and “don't mess with me” attitude. What a strong, beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing about Panther with us.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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