One of the things I was most excited to see on the trip to Washington DC was PANDAS. 
And my excitement only grew when I found out there was a BABY PANDA.

On our first walk past the Panda exhibit we saw the baby (Named Bei Bei!)  Asleep, high up on a tower of sticks.
Later we returned and none of the Pandas were outside so I was pretty bummed. But then I realized there was an indoor viewing area so I raced inside to find them. 

There was an enormous crowd of people gathered around the viewing area, screaming and flashing their cameras. The crowd was so huge and packed that I couldn’t even see anything!  But I braved the Panda Paparazzi and squeezed my way in to catch a quick glimpse of these cute bears.
Bei Bei was so cute!  I’m so happy I got to see a baby Panda.
And off in the other way less crowded room was the Dad Panda, enjoying some peace and quiet as he munched some bamboo. Too bad he wasn’t facing the right way!

My photos are blurry and grainy, but I’m happy with them all the same, so I can remember these bears forever.

Have you ever seen a Panda?

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  1. I can only imagine how annoying it is to have a big crowd around the panda when all you just want is to see the pandas haha!

    The pictures are so cute!!

  2. Too cute for words! Tony and I are both huge panda bear fans – in fact, one of my many nicknames for him (we both have tons for each other, as well as each of our pets) is “Panda”.

    ♥ Jessica

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