Two years ago today we moved into our house! We actually bought it at the end of June but it needed some work done before we could actually move in.

The top photo was taken right after we made an offer on it, and the one below it was taken just a few months ago. A lot has changed in our little house so I thought I would post a few before and after shots.

Before we planted the front garden it was taken over by ivy! The previous owners had an obsession with it I think..
 Two years later this fence is completely covered and the ivy is growing out of control! We’ll be taking in down next spring because I’m pretty sure it would engulf our entire house if we leave it for too long..
Our house came with this neat old stove! Unfortunately it was really messed up so we had to get rid of it.  Not really sure why we ended up painting the walls in here but now they’re a bright yellow that we mildly regret!

 One day we are going to completely remodel the kitchen.  One day…..’

(PS that’s Cloud as as little girl right after she moved in!)

See more dining room makeover photos here.

Our bedroom before. What is with that light fixture? When I first saw it I thought for sure someone screwed a tiny lamp to the ceiling. Haha.

This is the second bedroom. It is completely blue. The walls are blue, the ceiling is blue, the trim is blue, the doors are blue, the windows are blue… Blue.

 The living room with the terrible stripe.

Looking much better after many Ikea trips later! More photos on the living room makeover here.

This was our backyard last year, lots of random junk laying around and no vegetable garden!

This year it’s looking nice with a new little shade garden!

Those Iris’ were the first thing I ever planted at the house. 🙂
The creepy attic! We also have a creepy basement but I’ve never taken a picture of it. In fact, the first year we lived here we didn’t go down there once, or even open the door. I was kind of afraid to look down there after we had left it alone for so long. Like I expected some giant monster thing had grown and taken over the entire basement. (I have a wild imagination)

This is the door to the attic. We don’t know why it’s pink. This was after my mom had been trying to paint over it all day, the pink just keeps eating through any paint we put on top! I think they must have tried to strip it but left the paint stripper on or something..
This is me going crazy trying to vacuum up all the plaster dust. I couldn’t wait for the house to stop being a construction zone.

 We had lots of help form our parents to help get things done. Every room had major cracks in the walls that needed to be fixed and  we ended up re-painting every single room. It was a lot of work and after two months of that, I was so ready to move in!
Moving day! Goodbye cute old stove and disgusting fridge!

We spent the first night in our house trying to finish painting the kitchen. 
It’s still hard to believe we actually bought a house, we both assumed we’d live in an apartment for years before even thinking about a house. But one day we saw a cute house for sale and were looking at pictures of it online, still no intention of buying a house anytime soon, and the Realtor contacted us and before we knew it we were making an offer on this one! I love our little house and I love seeing how far it has come in the past few years. For the first few months we barely had any furniture and it just didn’t feel home-y at all. It certainly does now though!

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  1. Congratulations on two years of house living! I love the set-up of your living room! Big bookcases are my dream! I would love to live in a house someday. I miss having cats around. Your attic is pretty creepy, but what really did it for me was the randomly painted pink door. What the heck?! At least it's safe enough that you can take a picture and open the door, haha! 😀

  2. Your house is so cute! It's the best feeling when you finally make a house feel like a home. I'm going to click on all the room by room links 🙂

  3. Aw what a great house. You guys have it looking so nice. I love the creepy attic and basement stuff, though that pink door is bazzare. The wood floors and arched doorways are so charming.

  4. Your house looks so lovely. You both must be very proud of it and I can tell just how much hard work you've put into it to make it your own. Well done to you both! And you have an attic and a basement? Believe it or not those things are an immense rarity where I live! A little eerie, how exciting to have something like that, and I imagine very useful too?

  5. Yey congrats on your two years. I love how you finished your front porch off with finishing off the railing and adding the railing on the steps, I've been thinking about doing the same with ours but that's going to be a long way off in the future. I too have a kitchen that needs redoing at some point, while I love that it's vintage mind is just too dark and needs bringing out of whatever era is went up it. Growing up in the UK we don't have basements so they freak me out a little, they always seem a little creepy, even ours which is 3/4 finished.

  6. From what I can see you've done a pretty good job with your house!
    But please leave the ivy – I also love it and it would look so nice if it covers the fence entirely! 🙂


  7. I think the #1 thing I'll hate about owning a house is having to paint. So much work and too much fumes! XD

    The attic door turning pink again almost sounds like a horror story. Can you imagine if you replaced the door and it still went pink?!

  8. Thanks! A lot of houses just have tiny crawl spaces for attics and basements so we felt quite lucky that we are able to stand up in ours. Plenty of storage.. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.. Haha

  9. Ahh, so many fond memories already and I so Love all your updates and renovations. It was fun to help a little bit and I am so fortunate that you found this cute house so close to me.
    Keep up the good work!
    xo ♥ mum

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