Today is our first wedding anniversary!

We always knew we wanted a casual, un-traditional wedding, more like a big fun party than anything else. We didn’t want to make our guests sit through a long ceremony, and than wait even longer to eat boring finger foods. This way our guests could start partying and pigging out as soon as they got there on all kinds of stuff, including hot wings, stroganoff and all the cheesey treats you can imagine! 

We choose my Mom’s lovely house and yard as the location and invited everyone we knew. We had the ceremony in the morning with just a few family members around, then had a delicious brunch and got ready for the big party later in the day.

 To make me laugh in this photo he said “I just imagined Cloud in a bikini… :/”

(Any guesses as to what my favorite color is??)
My mom spent months preparing her house and yard for the big day and everything turned out so well, way better than I could have imagined! You should check out some of the other events she has put together here.

One whole room was dedicated to desserts and treats and another was dedicated to the food! (See more photos of the dessert room here, I didn’t want to overwhelm everybody with too many pictures!)
My only regret is that I didn’t get to stand right here the entire night and pig out on all this CHEESE.

The backyard was transformed into a magical land!  My out of town family members arrived the day before and we worked into the evening to create this lovely scene.

It was a lot of fun, I’m so glad we decided to have a laid back wedding that was (almost!) stress free. It was a pretty exhausting day so we were relieved when it was all done and an entire week at the beach lay ahead of us. Although I do wish I could go back and enjoy the party as if I were a guest, the whole day flew by so fast!

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  1. Oh Lord! Firstly: congratulations dear ^__^ you guys
    sure looking like a lovely newly weds c: I adore your
    classy, simple yet beautiful looking wedding gown!
    The mintgreen underskirt + shoes are cute c: I also
    lovelove your bouquet!

    The venue and the location sounds lovely and really
    personal. The catering, :Q I'm hungry! It sure looks
    good c: Xx

  2. Congratulations to you both! You are a Beautiful Bride with Steve as you handsome groom!!
    That was a fun day and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!
    I Love the little silly secret Steve said to you to make you laugh.
    Wonderful Day & Wonderful Photos!
    Thank you for the links to my blogs, sweetheart
    Love ♥ mom

  3. Your wedding was AMAZING- I love love love that you did it in your mom's backyard. I always wanted to do that too- I really want it to be a fun party rather than a stressful circus. And your mint petticoat made me so happy; it was so unexpected and so wonderfully you. And gah, that cheese mountain! God I would have had such a blast here, haha!

    xo marlen
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  4. Wow your wedding looks stunning and i love your outfit, especially the shoes and that cake looks amazing! I love it when weddings really reflect the couples personalities and tastes.

  5. Happy anniversary to you both! It looks like your wedding day was very special and so beautifully done. Those mint green shoes with the matching petticoat are too, too pretty with that dress of yours and you look just stunning. And those platters look just delicious!

  6. Congratulations! I have to say that you two are so perfect and adorable. Love your wedding philosiphy. The mint colors are perfect! The petticoat must have been a dream

  7. Everything looked so beautiful! And the food looked AMAZING. I laugh at people who have big impersonal weddings… why would anyone want to celebrate that way? Happy anniversary!!

  8. The photos are so beautiful! A big party is something I would want for myself. Might as well make the day as fun as possible! A whole room dedicated to desserts?! I had to peek at those other pictures and it looks soooo awesome haha

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! Seeing these pictures made me feel truly uplifted about the idea of getting married. I tend to associate weddings with high stress, but I see that it doesn't have to be. Beautiful photos! Completely magical. You look gorgeous! 🙂

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