After a snow storm last year, we made a quick stop in Old Salem before heading to work, to see all the historic shops and houses nestled under a blanket of snow.

The city of Winston-Salem started out as a small Moravian town in the mid 1700s named Salem. Eventually it merged with the neighboring town of Winston and then, Winston-Salem was born!

Many of the original buildings remain. I love to wander around, thinking of what it was like to walk the same streets those hundreds of years ago.

I love Old Salem in the snow!  Perhaps it should become a tradition when it snows to take a nice stroll through the historic streets of Salem.

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  1. Wowwowowow. Can you take me there please? It looks so magic. Its so magical what snow can do to a place. Like suddenly everything looks magic. We had like three days of snow this Winter and thats it so far. And these three days I was too lazy to really go outside for pictures and now of course I regret it 😉
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

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