October is over already!  It didn’t seem to fly by as fast as September did, but it still went by pretty quick. Here are some highlights of the past month.

We took a few trips through the mountains to see the turning colors. Something I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of years but we could never find the time.

The local fair happens at the beginning of October and I took a ridiculous amount of photos there.
 I ate plenty of autumn treats, including these homemade caramel apples, apples martinis and of course, plenty of pumpkin spice coffees!

I watched the trees change colors.

My mom found the cutest lost cat! We made posters, put them around the neighborhood and he was back at his home by the end of the day.

We decided to check out a little restaurant a few blocks from our house and were not disappointed by their breakfast! I had an egg and cheese on a croissant and it was sooo good!

The month ended with a pumpkin carving party and a fun Halloween!

I finally found a new job!  It’s weird going from being free all day every day, to being very busy all day at work. I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day. But hopefully I’ll get used to it soon!

I kinda went a little blogging crazy in October, with a post nearly every day! I usually try not to have one more than every other day, but I just had too many ideas. Since I am working again I’ll probably go back to less posts, hopefully I won’t run out of ides or be too tired to write anything.

I bought an older version of photoshop elements at a good price and I am pretty excited about it. I used an online photo editor before and I just wasn’t happy with the way it compressed all my photos.

I am VERY excited for November because in my opinion, Christmastime starts the day after Halloween! (Yeah, I’m one of those people)  But Christmas is my favorite time of the year, why wait to start celebrating if it make me so happy? I had the biggest smile on my face on the drive home from handing out Halloween candy at my moms because I was so darn excited that it was time for Christmas! And no I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving, I just see it as part of the holiday celebration!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy October!

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  1. I love the city skyline pumpkin!!! And Christmas is my favorite holiday too – so excited! I love finding the perfect gifts for people, and decorating our apartment. Can't wait to get a tree!

  2. Gorgeous photographs of the view from the mountain, always stunning to see autumn en-mass from a height! I need to try and get into the festive spirit more this year, hopefully having a house that ours to decorate and more space will help me get into the swing of things!

  3. it's okay to blog everyday for a while, and then not so much all of the sudden. sometimes we just have more things to say than other times. LOVE the fall mountain pictures. oh, goodness, that's just so beautiful. i'm such a sucker for colorful trees.

  4. Yes, October has just flown by hasn't it? I'm glad that your month was filled up with such lovely things, and those incredibly delicious looking caramel apples! And I'm one of those Christmas people too – I've started by Christmas presents already!

  5. Oh my goodness, that kitty is so cute, I'm glad you guys were able to find his home, I bet he was really misses. October s a pretty fun month, it looks like you got to have some fun experiences! (Mmm, Carmel apples are the best! I could seriously just eat and eat and eat those.) I love how beautiful the leaves are there, you really get a lot of colors!

  6. Oh I NEED these photos! Didn't realize you had taken any of the caramel apples. My fav photo is the one of Cloud with another funny snooty look on her pretty fuzz face. You'll have to tell me all about the Photoshop you bought.
    October was a really super fun month packed with so many memories.
    Xo ♥ mum

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