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November Recap

It’s the last month of the year already. How did that happen?! It seems like just a few weeks ago I was just starting to dig my vegetable garden.. Anyway, November is over and here are some highlights of the month!

I started the month off with some Christmas food. The first five times I had stollen I thought it was really weird and I wasn’t too sure about it. But then I decided I loved it and it’s a tradition to eat it every year!  And eggnog of course is another holiday favorite of mine.

Big news! We have a dishwasher!  Actually we’ve had it for two years because it came with the house.  When we first moved in we looked inside it, convinced ourselves somehow that it was completely rusted and shoved it in the corner of the pantry. We almost threw it away twice, but the only reason we kept it was because we ran out of yellow paint while painting the kitchen and the dishwasher hid the little bit of green that was left.. One day, in a fit of desperation and a sink full of dirty dishes we decided to open it up and see just how bad it was. To our surprise it had no rust at all!  It was just a little bit dirty and it easily came clean.  It didn’t work at first, but we fixed it with a 10 dollar part ordered from amazon and now we have a rolling dishwasher!  Party!  Chester of course enjoys watching the water drain from it.
I took a break from knitting my blanket, to start knitting myself a sweater. We’ll see how long I keep up with this one. Haha.

I got a new lens! I finally switched out my kit lens for this nicer 18-140 mm one. I haven’t had a lot of time to try it out yet, but I’m liking it so far. I’ll write a little review on it once I use it a little more!

We set up our tree and found the cats a new gingerbread house!

Last winter we spent the majority of our time playing minecraft. So as soon as the weather turned cold this year I got the instant yearning to play it again. I love that game so much!

I had to work a half day on Thanksgiving, which wasn’t too bad. It was really slow so I snapped some sneaky pictures of my new workplace. It’s about the size of a walmart!

After work it was time for a Thanksgiving feast at Stevens parents house.
My contribution was a delicious version of a fruit cake. Something I call a fruit loaf.

I’m still getting used to these long workdays. Steven and I ride together since it’s a 25 minute drive, but he goes in at 7 and I don’t go in until 8:30.  I keep myself occupied by knitting and reading, and sometimes I get to clock in early, yay overtime! A downside is that it’s dark when we leave for work, and dark when we get home 🙁 By the time we make and eat dinner, and do any chores and errands it’s usually after 7 and I’m pooped!  Which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for blogging or resin making, but I’m still having fun blogging when I do find the time! 

So how was everyone else’s Novembers?