Sometimes I get a feeling, like I want to write about something, but the words are just beyond my reach.

I have something that I want to say, a feeling that I want to express, a moment that I want to capture.

But the words won’t come out.

Maybe that’s why I take pictures.

As much as I love taking pictures of pretty flowers, and things that most people would consider “regular photo subjects”

My favorites are ones like these, that make me think of something that I don’t have words for.

Like seeing glimpses of a mostly forgotten dream. Memories of a time that seems like it was lifetimes ago, but also, not that far past.

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  1. ah, stunning. even though you said you sometimes have no words to describe your photos/feelings, i feel that these words are the perfect thing for this. it's just so calming and beautiful, and i thank you.

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