One evening, after some heavy thunderstorms, a night rainbow appeared. The sun was almost completely set, and the sky was lit up a bold shade of red. 

I’d never seen a rainbow in such a dark sky before.

Lightning was flashing all around..

I managed to hit my camera shutter at just the right time to take what is probably the coolest photo I will ever take.

And then as the sun set a few minutes later, the rainbow was suddenly gone. 

Have you ever seen a lightning rainbow? 

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  1. Wow, this is crazy and no, I have never seen anything like that! Different topic – you should try rye flour for your hair. It works sooo well for me! I just take one tablespoon of flour (you may need two since your hair is longer than mine) and blend it with water and then massage it on my head and wash it off. Let me know when you tried it and tell me how it worked for you. And I think its awesome that you do not use convential shampoo either :)!!!
    Thank you so much for your last comments!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  2. Oh wow how cool! I've never seen a rainbow at night. I wasn't even sure you could have a rainbow when it got dark, maybe there was just enough sunlight left in the sky for it to happen. So so cool!

  3. That is so incredibly cool! It's fantastic that you were able to capture these rare, breathtaking weather conditions on camera. I'm in awe of these snaps and feel like they should be in National Geographic magazine.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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