You may remember me talking about my camera being messed up. I have a Nikon D5100 and I smacked the lens on the door frame coming in the door back in march and it started giving me an “Autoexposure Error”. I couldn’t use it on any mode except manual, I couldn’t use the flash, and when taking pictures in low light (Like indoors) it would come out pretty much black. I tried googling the error and a few other people with this camera had gotten this problem too, but no one really had an answer on how to fix it except to send it into Nikon and have them look at it, which is also what my user manual said.  I was pretty bummed out and kept putting it off, making up excuses as to why I couldn’t send it off that day: “Oh I need to get a picture of those shoes I wore so I can finish my outfit post…” “Oh I need to take a portrait of my cats first..” But I knew I had to do it eventually so I told myself I would send it off the day after we got back from our weekend trip to the mountains.

I love taking pictures in low light so I was pretty annoyed I couldn’t do that anymore, but during our trip I realized I could still take long exposure night shots, because it would be dark anyway. So on our way back from Steven’s aunt’s house we stopped at our favorite place on the blue ridge parkway, Craggy Gardens and I took these three shots.

I was pretty excited how they turned out and I as I was messing with the settings to take some more I accidentely made the flash go off and blinded myself. UG. 

But wait!  The flash?!  How did that happen?!  My camera was broken!  I looked at the screen and noticed the error was GONE. I tried putting it on the other settings and taking pictures and it worked just fine!

I don’t know how or why taking a 30 second exposure fixed whatever was wrong with it, I’m just glad it’s fixed. I was so happy that I may or may not have shed a few tears…..

Anyway, here are some more night shots I took on the trip. It was DARK out there. When I put my camera on the rock ledge to take those first few pictures, I couldn’t even see it once I stood up! Having what I thought was a broken camera  I wasn’t all that concerned with it falling 4000 feet off the side of the mountain, but once it fixed itself I found myself a walmart and bought a tripod.

The blue ridge parkway is a road that runs along the super tall blue ridge mountain range and there are many areas where there is a steep drop off the side of the road with NO guardrail. At night you can’t see the edge of the road or how high up you are, so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Haha..

I had so much fun taking these pictures! Well until I freaked myself out thinking bears would come out and attack me. It’s interesting to see what colors the sky shows up as in these pictures. It looked completely black to us. It’s like the camera is showing us some hidden world.  I want to take so many more night shots!

We had a lot of fun on our trip and I have plenty of daytime photos to share soon!

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  1. oh. my. gosh.
    these are AMAZING! love the little story you told, too. so happy it fixed itself.
    i just love stargazing and these pictures of stars, mountain silhouettes and the lights reflecting off clouds make me so envious. love the moving green road from your car, too.
    i can't wait to see more like this!

  2. Lovely night shots and what a great happy accident. I'm thrilled your camera magically fixed itself. The parkway is an incredibly beautiful place but it is a smidge scary with the steep drop everywhere! All in all, what a nice mini vacation.

  3. Those are some great shots – I love the one with the stars – so pretty! I love night time photography, although I don't get chance to do too many, doesn't help that it's rather flat in these parts!

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