Bonsai, Washington DC

National Bonsai Gallery

When I found out that Washington DC had a bonsai museum at the national Arboretum, I couldn’t wait to go. It was an adventure getting there without a car. After a long metro ride, then hopped on a bus and questioned if we choose the right one. Twenty minutes later we eventually ended up at our stop and walked the last few blocks to the Arboretum.

Unfortunately I failed to realize that the Bonsai gallery closed at 4:00 PM and the entire place closed at 5:00. We arrived at 3:45 so I only had a few minutes to race around and look at as many bonsais as I could. Luckily it was just enough time, but I could have probably spent an hour there.

I can’t wait until my own bonsais grow as big as these guys.

We were the only ones in the bonsai gallery. It was very peaceful and warm.

Like many things in DC, the arboretum is completely free! It’s definitely worth checking out. I loved it, I just wish we had gotten more time to spend looking around.