My little cactuses have grown a lot since last year! They’ve started to take their own shape and I’m so excited to finally see what types of cacti those little sprouts ended up being. These guys are now two years old.

My favorite one has gotten huuge!

These are the ones I seeded a year ago, they’re just about big enough to get their own pots 🙂

I think this is the one start started off with the three points last year, that I wanted to keep my eye on. I like him!

Not all the cacti make it.. Those little clumps of spikes are ones that just gave up and died :/

And here we have the newest batch of baby cactuses!

Planting my cactus seeds is something I look forward to every spring. It’s so much fun, and I love seeing what kind of sprouts I get! 

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  1. aw, haha, i'm gonna chime in here and just say how cute these are! i'm a big fan of like, southwest stuff i guess you could say, so not only are these adorable, but they remind me of good places.

  2. I like this, the mystery seeds sound like a lot of fun, although I struggle to keep all plants alive, so maybe it's not for me. Those poor guys that didn't make it, it's a cut throat world as a cactus!

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