I’m so excited about my resin jewelry! I’ve always thought resin was neat, and I just wanted to encase everything I could in resin. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I wanted to do it anyway. I bought resin molds and supplies years ago, but never really got around to doing anything with it. But this year over the Christmas break from school, and then work, I started putting random things in resin with the vague idea that it could be jewelry. Most of it turned out looking preposterous. (Maybe I’ll post some photos of my failed resin attempts sometime!) But then I came across these really cute bonsai stamps I had been saving until I found just the right thing to do with them. Well, I just found it. Resin stamp necklaces for me, my mom and my sister for Christmas! I was so excited that I just went for it, without practicing with other stamps first, and they ended up looking terrible. I was pretty bummed out, but that’s when I got the idea to see if I could order more of them online, and I found that you can buy 100s of stamps for a couple bucks! And that’s where I got my idea to make and sell necklaces, not only with stamps, but small versions of my photos, too.

I’m so glad I had the idea to start doing this, it’s so much fun! Each little piece is unique and so pretty.

Here are photos of some of my favorite necklaces, plus one of me wearing the one I made myself.

I also make resin magnets and am going to start making coasters too, which I am super excited about!
All of these necklaces plus more can be found in my Etsy shop, so have a look!

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